Wednesday, October 16

Neditorial: Socceroos Give Up a Goal… The World is Ending

In case you missed it last night, the Socceroos had their third World Cup qualifier as they travelled to Kaohsiung to play group minnows Chinese Taipei.

It was everything you would expect from taking on a side that pushed triple digit odds but can we still find a way to complain about a massive win and another step closer to Qatar?

Well in short, we absolutely can because the Socceroos conceded their first goal of the qualifying campaign.

Things got off to a good start with Australia up 2-0 inside 20 minutes thanks to Adam Taggart, but then it (temporarily) went pear shaped as Chen Yi-wei scored what was, in all fairness, a pretty decent header.

But are Chinese Tapei really a side that should be scoring against the Socceroos?

Australia went into the game at about $1.30 to win to nil so there would have been more than a few frustrated punters who put that in some sort of multi.

Sure things went off mostly without a hitch from there with Australia scoring another five to run out comfortable winners, and we have to ignore the fact our main rivals in the group Jordan only came away with a 2-1 victory in their trip to Taipei but do we not want to hold Australia to the highest standard?

Maybe it’s just the defeatist attitude of a long suffering football fan who remembers the MCG in 1997 or Fabio Grosso falling over Lucas Neill (why even give him that opportunity Lucas?) but there was a small part of me thinking at 2-1 after half an hour “oh no, they’re going to find a way to balls this up aren’t they?”

There was a temptation to search for #ArnoldOut on Twitter in those few minutes just for a laugh or two as well.

Maybe it’s better to just find a way to look on the bright side with this, over the space of five days, the Socceroos just beat two teams by a combined 12-1 scoreline so maybe a reaction to giving up that one goal could be seen as a bit overboard.

Besides, we now have Harry Souttar who could be a lot of fun to watch going forward, and the next match is against old friends Jordan in four or so weeks.

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