Tuesday, October 15

neditorial: trade period pain

With 48 hours remaining in the never-ending AFL Trade Period, you think some actual deals of substance will be made.

Granted, the deal to send Tim Kelly has been done by West Coast and Geelong and there’s no doubting the sentiment about Eddie Betts return to Carlton.

Besides that, the whole Trade Period has been a content-generating sham for AFL broadcasters and journalists who officially jumped the shark yesterday after the Herald-Sun’s Jay Clark’s “thought bubble”

Not only was it something that was a trade proposal that was never going to happen, but the newspapers design team had also clearly given up on the classic move of putting players in other teams jumpers as has been the norm for the good part of 25+ years.

The truth is, the trade period is too long, too drawn out and has become nothing but a desperate play for content generation and a bit of a chance for certain journalists to try to outdo each other with “exclusives” about player movement.

Don’t get me wrong, we all love a bit of Trade Radio and the callers who ring in with an 18-way proposal to ensure Essendon gets a so-so player for Joe Daniher to go to Sydney so they can yet again become October Trade Premiers.

There are probably Essendon fans who get List Manager Adrian Dodoro’s autograph and ask for a selfie.

Some would also want a Dodoro badge on the scarf or number on the back of their jumper

But we all know the trade period is too long.

The Trade “period” needs to be brought back to a week – five working days.

Ideally, it should be 48 hours.

We all know the clubs and managers have done these deals ages in advance.

The current stand-off, like what’s occurring with Joe Daniher is nothing but for show.

It’s understandable why people love Trades.

The mixture of gossip, innuendo added with the lethal combination of hope – especially when your team hasn’t had any success for a while gets people up and about for the trade period like finals time.

AFL House loves trades – it gets other sports off the back page and generates plenty of clicks and engagement for their website, but they have milked this cow bone dry.


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