The Big Score – Perfect Premier League Weekend

It’s one thing to hit a perfect round in your EPL tipping comp but someone on Neds has just gone the perfect 10 for 10 in a multi this past weekend. Putting $50 on this bet that was, let’s be honest, more optimistic than likely, they snagged this big score of $41,205.79 for their troubles.

It all started with Liverpool winning against Sheffield United which, given the Reds had gone 6 for 6 already this season probably wasn’t too much of a stretch but after that first half there would have been a few nerves. Eventually Liverpool took the lead and shut out Sheffield as they tried to chase it.

Then came the slew of midnight kickoffs where this person backed the correct result in all six games, some more surprising than others. It’s one thing to back a draw but to do it in two games where you could argue there was a clear gap between the two sides is pretty impressive but they managed to back Bournemouth-West Ham and Villa-Burnley to end with both sides unhappy and wouldn’t you know it, they did just that.

Chelsea should have beaten Brighton and they did by a comfortable 2-0 score despite some Mat Ryan heroics and that score was replicated in the Palace-Norwich clash too. You could have put together a good case for Spurs to Spurs it up, but they saved that embarrassment for the Champions League clash with Bayern instead and got by Southampton. Finally, they backed Wolves to beat Watford in the “please get us off the bottom of the table” derby.

To close out the night’s action, there was the game between Everton and Man City which, as you would expect, City won pretty comfortably. Two games remained before a big payday and when Isaac Hayden was sent off for Newcastle, there would only be one result against Leicester. When the Foxes scored three goals in ten minutes, with two from Jamie Vardy, that put that leg to bed.

Finally it all came down to the United-Arsenal game where this person backed a draw between two sides that are fast approaching “Premier League has-been” territory. If you wanted a perfect metaphor for this game, it was the midfield battle between club disappointments Granit Xhaka and Paul Pogba. Both did… exactly what was expected of them (which was not much) as strikes from Scott McTominay and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang ensured the spoils would be shared and with a bit of VAR controversy thrown in the mix.

When Kevin Friend’s whistle signalled full time at Old Trafford, this punter would have kicked off some pretty wild celebrations. After hitting 10 for 10 for this big score, we’d say well done, they’ve earned it.