Friday, October 18

Jones v Cheika is the Best Part of Wallabies v England

Let’s be honest, rugby union isn’t exactly peaking in Australia since the golden generation retired and the Wallabies started losing a lot more.

If you’ve been tuning in to the Rugby World Cup from Japan though, it’s actually been an entertaining tournament as some of the minnow nations gave the big boys a real scare… except for New Zealand, they’re still just irritatingly good.

Naturally everyone tuning in is wondering if the All Blacks will complete a hat-trick or can someone knock them off their perch for the next four years and if by some miracle it turned out to be Australia, even better.

In terms of World Cup history though, the best rivalry at the tournament has been Australia against England.

The Wallabies brought “Bill” (aka the William Webb Ellis Cup) home on English soil in 1991 before the English knocked them out in the 1995 quarter finals.

In 2003 there was “that” Jonny Wilkinson drop goal and another quarter final victory for the English in 2007, but it was Australia having the last laugh in 2015, eliminating England on their home soil.

Unfortunately that kind of kick started an English resurgence since that embarrassment and now Eddie Jones is at the helm.

The build up to this weekend’s quarter final between the two nations has been really entertaining with the two coaches trading barbs back and forth.

Overnight Jones questioned the Wallabies tactics of trying to play with the ball in hands insisting teams that are pragmatic win the World Cup… he would know all about questionable tactics, why ask Matt Rogers to kick the ball away in the final minute of extra time in 2003 giving up field position and allowing Jonny to slot an easy field goal to lose the… I digress.

The original point of this was meant to be that England and Australia have an excellent rivalry and if you’re only just tuning into the World Cup, it’s a pretty damn good time to get on board.

In an era where too many coaches are scared of saying something wrong and invoking the wrath of Twitter, it is fun seeing them go back and forth.

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