Eight Things To Expect at Bathurst

There are some wonderful pilgrimages in this country.

Hipsters have their pilgrimage to Splendor in the Grass in Byron Bay.

Your Nanna has her pilgrimage to Floriade in Canberra.

Yuppies have their pilgrimage to the Bird Cage at Flemington.

Fair dinkum, true blue, dinky-di Aussie rev heads have their pilgrimage to Mount Panorama for the Bathurst 1000 this weekend.

Whether you are a serious Supercars devotee or simply want to embrace the cultural phenomena that is Bathurst, we’ve prepared a guide to making sure you’re ready for the great race.  

(1) No Political Correctness

Making the trip to Bathurst is a “Safe Space” from any Extinction Rebellion protesters and it’s safe to say around 98% of attendees would not have shared the Greta Thunberg speech on their respective social media platforms.

There won’t be one Prius parked in the camping grounds of Mount Panorama, People will be perfectly fine with Grid Girls, Zero Vegans, No Mexcian organic food trucks and no one will lecture you about what toilet is ok to use and there won’t be one person in a STOP ADANI T-Shirt or earrings. 

Bathurst is a place to be a fair dinkum Aussie, to be a Larakin, enjoy a few tins, enjoy a laugh and watch the Supercars do their thing. 

We don’t get many opportunities for this kind of thing these days, long may Bathurst prosper! 

(2) Absolutely No Craft Beer Under Any Circumstances

There’s a reason that “Team Stone and Wood” and “Team Balter IPA”, and not even attempting to bring Furphy will be excepted if you’re camping out on the Mountain.

It’s either a Milton Mango, Blue, Vitamin B and/or Suburban and Coke that’s on offer.

The drinks are best served in an icy cold can and preferably with a custom made stubby holder saying “BOYS TRIP BATHURST 2019” 

(3) Ford Fans in one corner, Holden on the Other & Nissan Fans are Arseholes. 

Bathurst has two tribes 

You’re Ford or you’re Holden.

Then there’s also the clip that gets a run every single year of when Jim Richards won for Nissan in 1992. 

At least Jim went into bat for Nissan with that infamous speech. 

“I’m just really stunned for words, I just can’t believe the reception.

I thought Australian race fans had a lot more to go than this. This is bloody disgraceful. I’ll keep racing but I’ll tell you what, this is going to remain with me for a long time.

You’re a pack of arseholes.”

(4) Luxurious Accommodation & Loose Units 

If you’re going to Bathurst properly, you’re going to camp.

You’ll drink tins, enjoy a barbie and then you’ll carry on like an absolute loose unit in the camping grounds for the rest of the race.

Belinda Carlise was right, heaven is a place on earth. 

(5) Grid Girls

While Bathurst is a PC Free Zone, Supercars are trying to water down the role grid girls play at events.

At the start of 2018, Supercars made this statement on the iconic grid girls:

“Supercars is focused on being respectful and ensuring the sport is presented in a professional manner which reflects modern-day societal standards,” corporate affairs general manager Cole Hitchcock said.

“The engagement of male and female brand ambassadors is subject to regular review based on these standards.”

There are still some grid girls and they do a great job and provided you’re not a dickhead around them, everyone has a good time.

(6) Kangaroos 

With Bathurst being one of Australia’s premier international sporting events, what better way to show how uniquely Australian the great race is with Kangaroos getting on the track during the great race? 

(7) Crashes

It’s a fact of life that Motorsport has crashes.

But let’s face it, you can’t look away. 

(8) A Thrilling Finish 

Is there anything more exciting than the final lap of Bathurst going down to the wire?

Let’s hope after a solid sesh on Sunday we’re on the edge of our seats during the final lap.

There’s nothing better. 

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