8 Reasons To Get Behind The Roosters

Being handed the task to encourage neutral supporters to get behind the Sydney Roosters for this Sunday’s NRL Grand Final isn’t easy, given that the Canberra Raiders have the underdog status and all the sentiment behind them this week, and the Roosters are kind of known as the spoilt Bondi Brats.

But they don’t have to be!

With these eight reasons, you’ll be all cock-a-doodle-doo about the Sydney Roosters in time for this Sunday’s NRL Grand Final. 

(1) Everyone wants to live in Bondi

Let’s face it, if there’s one place in Sydney everyone wants to live in it’s Bondi.

Be it the amazing beachside lifestyle, the coffee, the cafe culture, the bars, the beautiful houses, the vet, the rescue, the original Oporto restaurant – Bondi has it all.

Sure, it will cost you two-thirds of your yearly salary each week to simply rent a crappy place in the area, but that’s because it’s Bondi.

Just for once, embrace Bondi, its lifestyle and its footy team and you’ll feel the superiority that our friends from the region get to experience every single day.  


(2) You Have a Roosters mate…they’re probably loaded.

It goes without saying that if you support the Roosters, you’re probably well off in the old back pocket.

Even if they are not, the fact they support the Roosters probably leads to the fact that they at least give the impression that they are doing alright.

With that in mind, why not hang out with your Roosters supporting mate on Grand Final day and if they win to get them to put their black Amex behind the bar (because they get frequent flyer points) and enjoy their celebratory shout.

Just be careful,  they’ll probably get you to pay you back. Typical Rich People. Bloody tightarses. 


(3)   Always a great seat available at home games.

It goes without saying the spacious vast amounts of empty seats available at the SCG and the old Allianz Stadium really adds to the atmosphere of  Sydney Roosters home games. With spare seats around everywhere, you’ll be able to have space for your bag, extra legroom and you’ll know your fellow supporters at the ground on a first-name basis. 

If you like a relaxed atmosphere without the hussle and bustle of big crowds, the Sydney Roosters is the team for you! 

(4)   Qantas Club Membership

Your Sydney Roosters Membership will also get you into the Qantas Club.

It’s not an official part of the club, it’s just something that’s assumed that you’re a frequent flyer and enjoy a glass of Chardy and some cheese and biscuits in the Qantas Club when travelling.

If you are headed to Sydney for the game and not a Qantas Club member, simply put a roosters scarf on (pref. The Tartan design)  and walk past the reception of the Qantas Club and you’ll simply be allowed in – no questions asked. 


(5)  People from Bondi are better than you…and they know it.

The strut, swagger and pearly whites of Bondi residents are there for all to see.

They are basically White Goodman of Globo Gym while the Raiders are Average Joes.

Unlike Hollywood, Globo Gym is the one that’s probably going to win. 


(6)  Ralph Lauren/Tommy Hilfiger loyalty club discount

To support the Roosters, you gotta look the part. 

But don’t be a fool and pay retail, get on down to your nearest DFO find the Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger shops, get some discount shirts, chinos and of course Boat Shoes (no socks) and you’ll blend right in,

Just tell them you got it retail when you got it 80% off at a DFO near some suburb they only pass on the way to the airport. 


(7)  Cooper Cronk

Like Roosters fans with Qantas, Cooper Cronk has many frequent flyer points when it comes to playing in Grand Finals.

He’s played in eight of them,

Most were for Storm but his efforts in last years decider will be spoken about for many years to come.

This will be his ninth GF appearance and possibly his last game. You gotta respect that.

(Hey, we had to put something serious in this) 

(8) Let’s face it…they are probably going to win anyway

The Roosters go into this as the red hot favourite. 

As of the time this blog was published, our market has the Roosters as the $1.42 favourite with the Canberra Raiders way out at $3.30.

What’s with everyone liking underdogs anyway?

Whatever happened to if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Get behind a bit of glory hunting and get on the winning team.

Stuff ya lime milk and Viking clap, get on the Roosters and be a little cocky when they hold up the Provan-Summons Trophy come Sunday night.