Monday, September 16

brave english win dead rubber

Despite a century from Matt Wade or the fact that the Aussies already had kept the urn England defeated Australia by 135 runs at the Oval, resulting in a series tie of 2-2.

England had surrendered the urn for the second straight series at Old Trafford but that didn’t stop them putting on their best performance of the series, in where they bowled the Aussies out for 263.

It wasn’t the best day for Australia, but Matty Wade getting his second century for a total of 117 runs was a highlight.

That and the fact Australia has the Ashes, England doesn’t.

Good luck with your Brexit Poms. 

Broncos boilover

The local media up in Queensland has taken the Broncos 58-0 loss to Parramatta in the NRL Elimination final well.

The front and back page of The Courier-Mail speaks volumes.

It was the biggest win in NRL finals history, Parramatta had twice the possessions and over 1200 more meters gained over the all-mighty Broncos.

The margin beats Newtown’s 55-7 thrashing of St.George way back in 1944.

Along with this, it was the Eels biggest win over Brisbane and the Broncos biggest loss in the Seibold era.

XXXX won’t be the only bitter at the Broncos Mad Monday today, in what will be a summer of some serious soul searching.

Parramatta now has in its sights taking the Melbourne Storm out in straight-sets at AAMI Park this Saturday night. 


toby greene with envy

Despite the fact he openly eye-gouged Brisbane Lions star Lachie Neale in Saturday nights heartbreaking semi-final loss, the GWS Giants seem angry that bad boy Toby Greene has been “victimised” with a one-game suspension from the AFL Match Review Officer Micheal Christian.

According to the Herald-Sun, the GWS Giants believe that Greene’s bad-boy image is the reason the AFL cited him for facial contact.

Toby Greene, who lays claim to being the AFL’s most fined player will have to face the tribunal on allegations he made contact to the eye region of Lachie Neale.

This is the second week in a row he has been involved in a scuffle like this. 

Speaking at a press conference today, the Match Review Officer Micheal Christian doubled down on Greene’s suspension.

“We went through vision from every angle and felt we had the required evidence to lay the charge. We were able to highlight the vision, slow it down and determine on the balance of probabilities that it was Toby’s hand,” he said.

“We don’t give any weight to anyone in particular. This is totally in isolation to the incident last week.”

It’s set to be a bumper night at the tribunal with both Toby Greene and Tom Hawkins defending themselves.