8 Reasons Why It’s Ok to Barrack for Richmond

It was only two years ago when “Richmondy” and “Ninthmond” was still a thing amongst footy fans.

For anyone who considered themselves a comedian when it came to football, Richmond was rivers of comedy gold as the club did everything they could to torture us rabid nuffie Tiger fans.

Then they won a flag and got good.

Granted, they lost the Prelim in 2018 to Mason Cox and Collingwood but they’ve undoubtedly been the most dominant team in the last three seasons.

The Tiger Army has been very vocal of recent and people have gone from feeling sorry and wanting them to get up in 2017 to finding Richmond fans incredibly annoying and hated.

Richmond fans are fine with this.

But do you really want to support GWS this Saturday afternoon?

Here are eight reasons why to make Richmond your team of choice in this Saturday’s AFL Grand Final.

(1) The Players 

They say a champion team will always beat a team of champions and Richmond very much falls into this category. The Tigers play united, tough and an uncompromising style of football.

They play for each other, they celebrate each other’s successes, embrace their weakness and are the epitome of what a united football team looks like.

Sometimes their constant fast handballing in play can get a bit too, much – it’s too much teamwork if you ask me.

Trent Cotchin is an amazing leader

Jack Riewoldt is awesome.

Tom Lynch fits into the big time football like a comfortable pair of slippers.

Bachar Houli is inspirational.

Dylan Grimes is a superstar down back.

Dustin Martin is Dustin Martin.

The list goes on and on.

If you want an example of how good a team Richmond is, have a look at the players getting around Josh Jenkins from the Adelaide Crows earlier this season when he got injured.

Not one dickhead or “flog” as some of the kids call it to be seen in this mighty Richmond machine.

(2) The Coach

While some only three years ago was calling for Dimma’s head on the chopping block, the now premiership Richmond coach has learnt to love again.

He loves the club.

He loves the players.

Most importantly, He loves Mrs.Hardwick. 

If more people learnt how to love like Dimma loves Richmond and Mrs.Hardwick, the world would be a better place.

(3) The Song


Granted, GWS has done an excellent job with their theme song but nothing compares to We’re From Tigerland. 


(4) Toby Greene Doesn’t Play For Them 

Does this point even need an explanation? 

(5) Swan Street on Grand Final Night  

If you love carrying on like a pork chop in the street, then Swan Street after Richmond wins the Grand Final is the place for you!

There was nothing like it in 2017 when the Tigers broke a 37-year premiership drought and if the Tiges get the job done on Saturday it’s a party town.

As if the Rooty Hill RSL will be pumping should GWS win the flag?

If you support Richmond and they win the flag on Saturday, get on down to Swan Street and let rip. 

Also, in the interests of public safety if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. 

(6) GWS: Fake Club, No Fans, No History.

Granted – there are people who care for GWS.

All clubs are manufactured and started somewhere.

Sure, GWS was formed in the AFL board room.

But Richmond was formed back in 1885 at the Royal Hotel, which for lack of a better description is a titty bar.

The how/what/when/who of clubs is one thing, but to use the line of Fake Club, No Fans, No History is great ammunition against the men in orange. 




(7) Richmond has come a long way

Unlike GWS which was formed with plenty of handouts and backers, it wasn’t that long ago Richmond players, coaches, officials and fans were rattling tins as the club was fighting against extinction.

Constant recruiting errors, coach sackings, board turmoil, 9th place finishes, finding ways to torture fans – Richmond have are now a powerhouse football club that’s thriving.

Forget the GWS Giant, Richmond was the sleeping Giant that has very much risen and is dominating the football world.

They got there the hard way, but right now the good times are rolling at Punt Road and it’s been very much worth it. 


8- We All Have a  Tiger Mate 

They might be friends, family, colleagues, neighbours.

Believe it or not, some Richmond fans are good people.

You might engage in some decent footy chat with them, they may have been good to you at the time of your own teams’ success and provided you can bear with 12 months of more Richmond premiers talk it might just be worth it.


Dylan Leach is Neds Resident Tiger Nuffie. Just one look at his Twitter account you’ll realise he’s as one-eyed as it gets. – @leachitup