8 Reasons Why It’s Ok to Barrack for Greater Western Sydney

Back in 2011 the AFL gave birth to their new child in the form of the Gold Coast Suns and like most disappointed parents they decided to have another crack, a year later the Greater Western Sydney GIANTS were formed!

In their short history the Giants have been able to build a winning culture base around their team mantra #NeverSurrender. 

Unlike most clubs who inherit their supporters *cough, cough Richmond*, The Giants have had to win over their fan base in a predominantly League dominated demographic.

The men in Orange will step out onto the sacred surface of the MCG for the first time in the final week of September with a chance to create history just seven years into their existence! 

Here are eight reasons why to make the GIANTS your team of choice in this Saturday’s AFL Grand Final.

1.      We all have an annoying Tiger mate/colleague

Once upon a time Richmond (Pre 2017) were the equivalent to the kid who was the easy target for school bullies to relentlessly sledge.

They did themselves no favours by finishing ninth every other year, and to be frank we just felt sorry for the nuffies unfortunate enough to be born into their supporter base (Because lets be fair no one is willingly choosing that fate).

Fast forward a few years and that same bullied little boy has hit the gym,  flown through the Police recruit training and is booking patrons for j-walking across suburban streets.

OH what a little bit of power does to the minds of those who have never possessed it, there’s only so much office chirping, Dustin Martin worshiping, “Got here without Rance” rehearsing that one can digest before getting sick at the mere sight of yellow and black!

2.      They have a bangin’ Team Song

“You feel the ground a-shaking
The other teams are quaking
In their boots before the GIANTS”

The most beautiful arrangement of words compiled together since the passing of the late great John Lennon in 1980.


3.      They beat Collingwood in the Prelim

Any side who causes Eddie McGuire to cry live on national TV can “lock me in” for a lifetime membership.



4.      Jack Riewoldt is a bit of a sook.

Any given footy match Jack Riewoldt will throw his hands up in the air more than a 16yo girl at a hiphop concert. The Tigers’ key forward would’ve undoubtedly thrown his fair share of supermarket tantrums in his time.




5.      Jeremy Cameron is a top bloke

Imagine finding a wallet, tracking the owner down, and slipping a pineapple in there for good measure! Thats exactly what the 2019 Coleman medalist Jeremy Cameron did before putting on a BOG performance against the Pies. Get around the bloke!

6.      AFL’s VIC Bias


The odds are stacked against the GIANTS who will be playing in the Tigers backyard, no doubt ‘house rules’ will be in play.

Richmond has played 8 from their last nine AFL matches at the MCG to reach the Grand Final, only leaving the G when force to travel to Brisbane in the 2nd week of the finals.

Jack Riewoldt has travelled interstate just once this season, only playing outside the G on one occasion! 

GWS have travelled interstate 12 times this season and have only set foot on the G four times, a far cry from the Tigers 16 matches.




7.      Imagine the scenes if Mumford and the GIANTS get up!

There will likely be more “unidentified white power” present at the after party than on a Columbian cargo ship.  



8.      Israel Folau no longer plays for them

GWS must be counting their lucky stars that Izzy Folau packed his bags to try his hand at the ‘Game they (ironically) play in heaven’…