2019 Australian Survivor Betting Update: 5 Remain

  • Five contestants remain in contention to win Australian Survivor 2019
  • Pia Miranda maintains firm favouritism in betting

There are only a handful of episodes remaining in the season and five possible outcomes in 2019 Australian Survivor betting.

It seemed to have been inevitable for a while now, but Boost Juice magnate Janine Allis’s torch was officially snuffed out last night and only five contestants remain in the running to become this season’s sole survivor.

Betting had Allis pegged as a $41 shot prior to her exit, so her addition as the sixth member of this season’s jury is certainly less than surprising.

The $1.17 favourite prior to yesterday’s vote, Pia Miranda maintains her position at the top of the market but has interestingly drifted to $1.20. AFL star Abbey Holmes shares the second line of Australian Survivor betting with Baden Gilbert ($6 quotes).

Harry Hills looks to be making up the numbers at $9, while the bookies give Luke Toki virtually no chance of winning Australian Survivor 2019 as the $17 rank outsider.

Neds Media Manager Jared Timms said that Miranda’s slight drift reflected the loss of Allis as an ally.

“It looks pretty dire for Pia given she was the only contestant (Other than Allis) to vote for Baden, but her ability in this game simply cannot be understated and she remains a fitting favourite in Australian Survivor betting.”