Round 23 – v Richmond

If you had said that the mighty Brisbane Lions (proudly sponsored by Neds) would be top of the ladder and flag favourites at the start of the season, some may have said that you are delusional. 

But not my colleague here at Neds, Dylan Leach (who’s actually a Richmond nuffie) who in his AFL season preview earlier this year said the following about the mighty Brisbane Lions:

This is not a Photoshop job, we actually did write this back this in March.

Along with this, the season preview predicted that the Grand Final would be the Brisbane Lions taking on Richmond. 

Well, come the final home and away round of the season – what do we have here?

The mighty Brisbane Lions (proudly sponsored by Neds) heading to the MCG in Round 23, sitting on top of the ladder to take on the Tigers in a match that many suspects could be the Grand Final preview. 

If you thought last weeks match against the Cats at the Gabbatoir was big, this is only the beginning. 

MAROON, blue and gold IS THE NEW yellow and black
Brisbane Lions H2H @ $2.75

Isn’t that view from the top of the ladder nice?

How good is it looking down on other clubs?

Wouldn’t the prestigious Dr.McClelland Trophy look amazing along with the 2018 AFLX, 2013 NAB Cup and our threepeat of premiership cups in the trophy cabinet at the Gabba?

Of course, it would.

With the exception of the mighty Fitzroy back in 1911, the fact is that even in our days where we won flags, we never actually finished on top of the ladder. This could be a nice double if we jag the McCelland, get two home finals at the Gabbatoir and then travel to the MCG to win the premiership on the last Saturday in September.

How do we do this?

We beat bloody Richmond who hasn’t left the MCG since Gangnam Style was topping the charts.

The Lions haven’t beaten the Tiges for a bloody long time. 

Back in the good old days, Richmond was a complete rabble, finishing 9th every year and fans were microwaving their memberships in disgust. 

Then all of a sudden, in 2017 they become everyone’s second favourite team as they broke a 37-year premiership drought. 

Now their fans are bloody annoying and I would like nothing better to silence the Tiger Army going into the finals.

It seems like the Lions will be everyone’s second favourite team going into the finals, but I’d like nothing better to be hated again. 

To be the best, you gotta beat the best and that means beating Richmond at the MCG.  

Bring it on.


quiet day out for Charlie Cameron
Charlie Cameron 5+ Goals

Former Brisbane Lions player turned sour grapes Geelong coach Chris Scott is right.

Charlie Cameron did not have much of an influence in last weeks amazing win over the Cats.

Not much influence at all.

Just 17 disposals and five goals. 

He’s clearly a low impact player that kicked some really dull and boring goals and didn’t get the Gabba the loudest it has been in over a decade.

Expect just a quiet one from Charlie as he kicks just 5+ goals against Richmond at the MCG. 

the great mccarthy
lincoln mccarthy 1st goal kicker

In what was the greatest performance in any 50th game I can remember, Lincoln McCarthy, taking a specky and then booting a goal to give the Lions the lead over the Cats will be right up there with the threepeat, my wedding and birth of my children.

Boy, it was special.

Just seeing Fages hug Harris Andrews after the siren made me cry.

You could feel the love.

I could go on all day about it, but I won’t

I expect more magic from the great McCarthy, and the first goal within 30 seconds of the clash against the Tigers would be the PERFECT start.