AFL Round 22


From the Tigers/Eagles and Lions/Cats top of the table thrillers, we saw Ben Brown boot 10 goals and said farewell to Roughy.

Like the footy itself, Twitter gave plenty over the weekend and we recap it all in another edition of Around the Tweets.

Hawthorn 18-10 (118) def. Gold Coast 7-6 (48) 

Twitter isn’t normally a place you’d go for peace, love and understanding but it was when it came to Jarryd Roughead in his final game.

All you need is Rough…

A beautiful tribute from Jono Brown. I’m not crying, you are.


Six of the best from Roughy, send him to Perth!

Rough is in the air.

GWS 9-11 (65) def by. Western Bulldogs 19-12 (126)

The Western Bulldogs piled on 12 unanswered goals and have a serious chance of finding themselves in the Finals after a 61 point thrashing of GWS at their happy hunting ground Giants Stadium.

The Bulldogs serious charge into September summed up in one GIF.

Is the Dogs potential finals campaign a case of Back to the Future?


The Greater Western Sydney Giants Football Club finally have something in common with the long-forgotten University.

Richmond 13-10 (88) def. West Coast 13-4 (82)

The clash between Richmond and West Coast lived up to its hype in what many considered to be a Grand Final preview. The Tigers snatching a famous six-point win. 

I’d be happy with a re-run come Grand Final day.

I’m only happy when it rains…


It’s like some sort of AFL led agenda to get you to like footy or something.

The salt is strong in this one.

Stud rule a dud rule says Richo. (He’s not wrong either)

Tiger fans, your moment is in.

Fremantle 7-13 (55) Essendon 13-9 (87)

After a pathetic two weeks, Essendon secured a final berth and ruined any chance of Freo making the finals with a 32 point win at Optus Stadium.

Good to see people are taking to new rule interpretations well then.

All is forgiven and this Bomber fan has kissed and made up with the club.

The Wog Boy has spoken. The Bombers are going to the Finals!

Two Freo greats called it a day. (How good do the Dockers look in their original jumper? Bring it back!)

North Melbourne 22-12 (144) def. Port Adelaide 8-10 (58)

After kicking only one goal the week previous, North had  21 goal turnaround thrashing a pathetic Port Adelaide who may have blown their finals chances.

The story of the game was big Ben Brown, who became the first North Melbourne player to kick 10 goals in a game since Wayne Carey in 1999.


These were the most ethically sourced, environmentally eco-sourced Snags an AFL player has ever cooked up.


Not since the glory days of the full-forwards in the ’90s has the Footy Record needed more space to mark the goals down.

It turned out to be a thriller as Ben Brown defeated Port Adelaide by 3 points. 

Adelaide 6-12 (48) Collingwood 17-12 (114)

The Adelaide Crows were once the pride of South Australia, now they are the shame of SA with a 56 point loss to Collingwood and any chance of finals now reliant on miracle results.

It was their lowest score at Adelaide Oval since making it their home ground back in 2014.

The Premiership Window is only something to look through for Crows fans now.

Nana let rip at the Crows in the Group Chat.


The unemployment rate in South Australia could face a significant increase by early September.

Brisbane Lions 10-15 (75) def. Geelong 10-14 (74)


Brisbane is now the new leader of the AFL competition with an amazing one-point win over the Cats in front of a sold-out Gabba. You knew that already so let’s just bask in the glory of the mighty Brisbane Lions (proudly sponsored by Neds) 

The Melbourne Cup is the race that stops a nation but the Brisbane Lions is the team that stops the races.

The greatest thing done by a Lincoln since sorting out the civil war.


Mind the language fellas, but F**k me that was a good win.


It’s been a long time between getting a root and Lions finals wins for some of us.

Fages 😍😍😍

Carlton 11-12 (78) def. St.Kilda 10-8 (68)

The Teague Train rolls on at Carlton as the Blues pipped the Saints by 10 points in a thrilling contest at the G.

With the Blues up and about it looks like Carlton might have to ditch Marvel with fans jumping back on the bandwagon.


All the way with Harry McKay!


One more year! One more year!

Melbourne 5-12 (42) Sydney 15-5 (95)

Nothing summed up the mood on Friday night’s meaningless dead-rubber between Melbourne and Sydney quite like this.