Round 16 v GWS Giants

To the tune of the Aussie Crawl classic “Errol”

🎵 Oh ERIC I would give

Everything, just to be like him 🎵

Seriously, how about my boy ERIC HIPWOOD last week!?

After a frustrating first half against the Dees, the Eel and the boy who I’ve backed in several times this season said “I’ve had enough of this, I’ll look after it from here” and just played the most awesome 15 minutes of Footy, not seen at the Gabba in years.

Four goals in the third quarter if you don’t mind. 

Five in total.

So this week, as the mighty Lions head down to GIANTS Stadium to take on GWS, this entire edition of Betting on the Lion is focused on Eric Hipwood.

Afterall it’s ‘Hip-wood to be Square.’ 

Brisbane Lions H2H @ $3.10

If I were framing the markets, I’d have the Lions at Winx-like odds every single week.

Hence, I’m not a bookie.

Punters fancy the Giants at home and that’s fair enough, but much like Alan Scott after that awful day in 2004 – they’re wrong.

The Giants blew what was an easy win against Essendon last week and quite frankly, it doesn’t matter if it was touched or not.

They blew it.

At the solid price of $3.10 and the Lions up and about, breathing fire and headed for a September appearance, a win against GWS would be a statement to the footy world that the Brisbane Lions are back in town – which we already know.

The Giants might have the likes of Phil Davis, Toby Greene, Stephen Coniglio and big Jezza Cameron (who is a BIG HIT amongst us Lions fans) 

But give me Charlie Cameron over Jezza,  Rayner over Coniglio,  Lachie over Toby and Eric Hipwood over Hipster Davis any day of the week. 

This is going to be one of the great wins. 

Eric Hipwood First Goal

Eric is on fire right now.

He’s like Mario in invincible mode and simply can’t be stopped.

What better way to start our big upset win over the Giants than with Eric Hipwood jagging the first goal in the first minute and the boys getting around him. 

Just imagine. 

Eric Hipwood 4+ Goals

Eric Hipwood kicked five snags last week.

He’s going to kick a minimum of four + goals this Sunday against the Giants.

In fact, Fages is going old school with the game plan, go straight up the guts and kick it to big Eric.

Charlie and the like will help out, but just get it to Eric and let him go BANG. 

Eric Hipwood Coleman Medal @ $151

As of now, Giant Jeremy Cameron is leading the AFL goalkicking table with 43 to his name.

Eric Hipwood is currently on 25. 

With eight matches remaining, Eric needs to kick an average of 6-8 per week and the likes of Cameron, Hawkins, Ben Brown, Jack Darling, Tom Lynch, Josh Kennedy (West Coast one), Micheal Walters, Jordan De Goey, Jemery Finlayson, Charlie Cameron (who I’m all for winning it as well), Gary Ablett, Tim Membrey and Eddie Betts need to be kept at bay.

Quite frankly, I believe it will happen. 

Eric is going to have absolute field days as Plugger did back in the day.

He now has 100 career goals to his name, and I think he’s going to finally break the now 11-year drought since a player kicked 100 goals in a season in 2020. You read it here first.

You may think I’m joking, but I’ll have the last laugh when Eric leads the goalkicking after Round 23. 

Ned Merrett-Murray is Neds resident Brisbane Lions nuffie. The child of the ultimate Brisbane Lions parents, whose mother rattled tins to save Fitzroy and Dad dined with Christopher Skase at Carrara, Ned was a Brisbane Lions diehard from birth

. Ned constantly reminds his wife and kids that 2001, 02 and 03 Grand Final’s were the best days of his life and nothing compares to it. Ned never misses a game, training session, JLT, AFLW, NEAFL and Fitzroy Ammos match.

He currently lives in Woolongabba with his wife Leigh and twins Chris and Brad and pet fish Vossy, Browny and Blacky.