MasterChef Grand Final Preview

The MasterChef Grand Final is here!

There are only three contestants left in the 2019 season and it is Larissa Takchi that is now a clear favourite from Simon Toohey and Tessa Boersma. 

Will Larissa claim the MasterChef crown on 2019 or will we see a MasterChef upset?

We have analysed all three contestants still in the hunt and our complete MasterChef tips are now below! 

MasterChef Grand Final
Larissa Takchi ($1.35)

It has been a fairly controversial path to the MasterChef Grand Final for Larissa Takchi, but she will still go into the Final three as a dominant favourite. 

She was slow out of the gates and didn’t get a huge amount of airtime, but Larissa has made a name for herself by constantly going against the advice from the judges.

Considering one of the judges is George Calombaris, that is probably the right move.

Controversy found Larissa when she was accused of sabotaging her own side during a team challenge last weekend as she wanted to play her immunity pin to go straight through to the Grand Final.

We personally think that is great bloody strategy and it is that type of cut-throatness that will help you go all the way in this competition.

There is not a great deal of value in her current price, but there is no doubt that she is the one to beat.

MasterChef Grand Final
Simon Toohey ($5)

Simon seems like an absolute ripper bloke, but we aren’t really convinced that he is a particularly good cook. 

It is hard to think of a particularly standout dish and most of the time that he has gotten serious screen time, it is because he has stuffed something up.

This most famously happened when he forgot to feed 12 guests during a team challenge at the Leeuwin Estate Safari Club in Margaret River and had to scourge together more meals with the leftovers. 

We would love to see him win, but Simon deserves to be the outsider in the final three. 


MasterChef Grand Final
Tessa Boersma ($4.25)

Tessa might be the value in MasterChef Grand Final betting.

It may have taken us until last week to work out that Tessa and blonde lookalike Nicole were actually different people, she has been strongly featured from the start of the show and has received what we consider a ‘winners edit’.

Her achilles heal has been desserts and that might end up hurting her in the final stages of the competition, but she has done some pretty impressive things with Seafood and we personally consider that more important than overrated fancy desserts. 

Betting outsiders have won MasterChef in the past , who would forget the great Sashi last season, and we are hopeful we see another roughie get up in 2019!