Around the Tweets: NRL Round 15

Eye Pokes
Raider Chokes
and Darius Jokes!

Yet again, round 15 of the NRL gave us plenty to Tweet about and it’s all here in another epic edition of Around the Tweets!



Bulldogs 14 def. Sharks 12

Look who’s Holmes.

Sharks sink to a new low.

Bunker or Bonkers?

Warriors 18 def. by. Panthers 19

Gas & Ennis get on the sauce.

The NRL HAND the Warriors a try which Maradona would be proud of.



Eels 22 def. Raiders 16

Give me five, up high, down low, second half no-show!

Unsustainable game plan from Arthurs.

Knights 26 def. Broncos 12

OH Boyd…

Titans 12 def. by. Manly 30

Gee that Tom Trevor-owen-mitch is a decent player!

NRL fan loses it at the sight of foreign food they call fruit.

Oakland Raiders Fan tricks Des into signing a contract extension.


Roosters 12 def. by. Storm 14

Pot calling the kettle a salary cap cheat.

Penalty Cam Smith.

Keep the Craig cam rolling!

Dragons 22 def. Cowboys 14

Exciting time ahead for the Red V.

Phantom Fans


Tigers 14 def. Souths 9

The Eye of the Tiger!

Security Scorpion!