Neds Legendary Opinions

Rugby League has produced some of Australia’s, and indeed the world’s biggest sporting legends.

Legends Boost, available in your punters toolbox allows you to inject a legend into the game and take advantage of the impact their presence would have on the contest.

Introducing Neds Legendary Opinions – Each episode, we’ll put forward a new question to our legends as we attempt to settle some of sport’s biggest arguments once and for all!

To be a league legend, you must have captained your club.
Willie Mason vs Justin Hodges 

The phrase ‘Greatest of All Time’ should never be used.
Willie Mason vs Jason Nightingale 

Tougher sports make for bigger legends.
Justin Hodges vs Scott Prince 

You can’t become a legend through luck.
Kurt Gidley vs Willie Mason

It is easier to become a legendary rugby league coach than a legendary player.
Jason Nightingale vs Kurt Gidley 

You can’t be a legendary league player until you retire.
Scott Prince vs Kurt Gidley