When it doesn’t involve you, there’s nothing funnier than someone getting a self-inflicted injury in strange and random situations.

In the world of sport, there’s been plenty of them.

While we couldn’t get the vision and the voice over man from Funniest Home Video’s to entertain you with them, we’ve instead written this blog with a random 10 self-inflicted injuries from the wonderful world of sport.

Johnny Walker

Walker solidified his status as a future UFC superstar with his third consecutive first round finish inside the Octagon against Misha Cirkunov at UFC 235 in Las Vegas.

He won the fight via a flying knee only 36 seconds into the fight however his over the top celebration and unique post match interview managed to steal the spotlight.

Falling forward in mid-worm, Walker rolled to his side and clutched his shoulder.

Walker later admitted that he had dislocated his shoulder as a result of doing the dance move that he made his own after a delivering yet another knockout.

Paulo da Cruz Diogo

Sure, Beyoncé sings “If you like it, you should put a ring on it” but that probably shouldn’t apply for footballers or any sportsperson for that matter when on the field.

Playing for the Geneva-based Servette FC back in 2004, Diogo played an assist for his teammate Jean Beausejour to score a goal in the 89th minute and considered it fitting that he celebrates with the fans in the grandstand.

As Diogo leapt into the crowd his wedding ring got caught on the fence and as he returned back to the pitch his ring and most of his finger was ripped off his hand.

Along with losing his finger, the referee gave the Swiss midfielder a yellow card for excessive celebration and time wasting.  

Matthew Hayden

When playing in a Sheffield Shield game for Queensland against Tasmania at the Gabba back in 2006, Hayden broke his finger taking a catch.

Although, it’s a pretty standard self-inflicted injury in a game of Cricket, it’s what happened to Hayden in the aftermath that makes it worse.

To keep fitness up, Haydos thought it would be a good idea to head out for a jog.

It just happened that a dog decided to attack him while he was out running.

As a result of Hayden’s encounter with the Dog, he suffered a gashed ankle but tests revealed no damage to his ligament or tendon.

Hayden told Brisbane’s Sunday Mail newspaper at the time “I was was out for a leisurely run. You are always a bit shocked by that sort of thing but I was more disappointed than anything. It just hasn’t been my week.”

Fortunately, Matthew Hayden was able to recover in time for the start of the Ashes series of 2006-07.

Nigel Smart

Before the Adelaide Crows went to their infamous Collective Mind camp of 2018, nothing will ever compare to their fire-walking activity prior to their 1992 season.

The club had hired a motivational fire-walking speaker to get the boys fired up during their pre-season camp.

The players gathered around the hot-coals and chanted “WE CAN DO IT! WE CAN DO IT! WE CAN DO IT!”

Every player was up for it and Nigel Smart bravely volunteered to be the first man up.

As Smart crossed the hot coals, he suffered third-degree burns on his feet, missing the Crows first couple of games of season 1992.

None of the other Crows players participated in any more fire walking after Smart’s injury.

The Crows or any other AFL club for that matter have not participated in Fire-Walking ever since.

Darius Vassell

Who needs the club doctor to treat an injury when you can simply do it yourself?

That’s what former Aston Villa striker Darius Vassel considered to be the right course of action when wanting to treat a blood blister under his big toenail.

In what is arguably the most stupid act of self-mutilation in world sport, Vassel decided that plugging in a power drill and drilling into his toenail to drain the fluid and release the pressure was a great way to treat the injury.

It wasn’t.

Vassel contracted a blood infection that resulted in him having his entire nail removed from the tow and missed a number of important games for Aston Villa in the process.

He denies using a power drill.

Blake Griffin

During an LA Clippers team dinner, Griffin followed the teams assistant equipment manager outside, punched him and breaking his hand as a result of the impact of for all puns intended – clipping him.

Believe it or not, the Clippers were not impressed with Griffin’s actions and suspend him for four games and fined him a match payment.

This all happened while Griffin was already out of the team due to injury.

Dan Boyle

During the NHL off-season of 2007, Tampa Bay Lighting defenceman Dan Boyle missed six to eight weeks due to a freak injury in a pre-season game.

Boyle found himself distracted in the locker room whilst hanging up a skate, the skate slipped off the hook and hit his left wrist which severed three tendons.


Robbie Kearns

What could possibly go wrong at a State of Origin team bonding camp?

Possibly everything – like the time Robbie Kearns missed an entire State of Origin series due to the fact he fell off a horse.

The good people at the NSW Rugby League thought that getting their Origin squad to ride a horse on a bonding trip prior to the 1999 series was a good idea.

It wasn’t a good idea.

Kearns fell off his horse, cut his head open and had a broken collarbone in the process.

NSW ended the 1999 Origin series 1-1 with the third game resulting in a Draw.


Jim Cassidy

There’s no doubt that Cassidy has a ripping yarn or two from his time in the saddle but this would have to be one of his strangest.

Riding Zoulstar to victory in the 2013 Coolmore Stud Stakes, he received a big hug from owner Sheriff Iskander, resulting in a damaged rib cartilage.

Cassidy also recived a hug from big Richie Callendar, forcing him to seek medical help and missing in action for a couple of months.

Had he developed a Jerry Seinfeld-esque approach to hugging people, this would never have happened.