Punters Club Seething After Member Misreads Situation.

A mate has tested the patience of his fellow Punters Club members in a bizarre yet seemingly regular occurrence on the weekend at the local watering hole.

The groups traditional feature-race-meet Quaddie had come down to the last leg in Melbourne. The group just needed one of the two favourites to salute for an epic win, but instead it was a 50-1 roughie that stormed over the top to leave the group in utter dismay.

With the morale clearly at its lowest for the day, 23-year-old uni student Troy, who had scarcely taken an interest in the group bets all day, waltzed over to the group with utter abandon and asked, “Did we have that?”

Not only did the group feel it was clear by the lack of cheering and banter that they did indeed NOT have ‘that’, they were certain Troy must be taking the piss.

What made this ‘punting crime’ much worse was that Troy was a repeat offender and didn’t seem one bit remorseful.

“I was just double checking”, was his answer to the spirited question “Are you kidding champ?”

This may have been grounds to eliminate someone from the weekly punting get together but Troy’s uncle is a strapper with Kris Lees so he is safe for another week. Just…