Commonwealth Games Week One Wrap

It’s been an interesting opening to the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast that have left a few members of the audience scratching their heads. Apart from some poor wardrobe choices in the opening ceremony, the Aussies have dominated the opening week once the athletes got the show on the road.

The Commonwealth Games is one of those rare occasions when Australia is pretty much guaranteed of winning a few gold medals and getting the opportunity to remind England and New Zealand that while they may be pummelling us in the rugby right now we can even the score in the pool and on the track.

While everyone can’t be a winner we thought we would take a minute to highlight some of the more memorable moments from the first week of the games.

Dane Bird Smith (20km Walk)

The ‘Bird Man’ of the Australian track and field team landed himself a gold medal after a stunning performance in the men’s 20km walk.

Smith was cheered on by Dad as he overcame a tense battle with English athlete Tom Bosworth. Smith was able to maintain Australia’s grip on the even with the Aussies clinching the gold medal in the walk on five separate occasions.

Smith’s gold medal was a bittersweet moment with his father there to greet him on the finish line. Smith’s father was arrested at the Rio Games attempting to congratulate his son and fortunately had no misunderstandings with security this time.

Steve Kari (Weight Lifting)

Steve Kari is the LeBron James of the Papua New Guinea Commonwealth Games team. The weightlifter enjoys rock-star status in his home country and won Kari won over the global audience with his gold medal winning performance and wild celebration.

The Campbell Sisters (Swimming)

Cate and Bronte Campbell are two of the rock stars of the Australian Commonwealth Games team.

The sisters have dominated the pool at this meet and younger sister Bronte has stolen the headlines with her win over her older sister in the 100m final.

Because of her effort in the blue-ribbon event the younger Campbell sister is set to win a place in the relay team ahead of her older sibling and hopefully power Australia to another gold medal.

Celia Sullohern, Madeline Hills and Eloise Wellings  (10,000m)

These three Aussie girls didn’t win a medal, but they do deserve a mention for their incredible display of sportsmanship.

The Aussies waited on the track at the end of their race as Lineo Chaka finished the race five minutes behind the eventual winner.

Chaka was the only competitor from the nation of Lesotho and earned a standing ovation from the crowd as she finished her final lap.

Matt Glaetzer (Cycling)

Aussie cyclist Matt Glaetzer lost his chance at gold when he was surprisingly eliminated from the first round of the men’s sprint race.

The Aussie cyclist was able to turn his Games around by powering to a gold medal in the 1km time trial.

Mitch Larkin (Swimming)

He may look like Clark Kent but Australian Mitch Larkin swims like superman. The Aussie swimmer has become the first man to win gold medals in the 50m, 100m and 200m backstroke and could potentially finish the games with five gold medals.

Melissa Lowther (Cycling)

British cyclist Melissa Lowther can consider herself to be the hard luck story of the games with an administrative SNAFU meaning that she was unable to compete in the individual time trial.

Team England forget to register the British athlete for the event, leaving Lowther unable to compete for the event she put in the training for.

Yohan Blake (100m Sprint)

The moral of the story is under promise and over deliver when it comes to Commonwealth Games medals. Yohan Blake was the second fastest man on the planet behind compatriot Usain Bolt and was tipped by everyone including himself to waltz to another gold medal in the blue-ribbon event. Bolt had warned Blake to avoid returning home to Jamaica if he was unable to deliver the gold medal and sadly for Blake when his moment came, he was upstaged by South African Akani Simbine.

Manu Bhaker (Shooting)

Most normal 16-year olds usually won’t be representing their country an international event. Bhakar won India’s first gold medal in the shooting after picking up her pistol for the first time only two years ago.