The Best Moments of The Honey Badger

Normally our conversations on Monday morning start with a recap of our tipping performances in the football but the big news about Nick Cummins grabbed our attention. We were ‘going off like a bride’s nightie’ when we heard the big fella may have pipped Drew Mitchell on the line for the lead in The Bachelor.

Better known as ‘The Honey Badger‘, Nick Cummins is the former Western Force rugby player who has made a name of himself running around in his undies on TV and delivering some amazing one-liners, that no one in Australia has ever heard of. Cummins won’t be the first rugby player to try his hand in the reality dating game, that honour belongs to Welsh rugby player Gavin Henson, who tried his luck in 2011.

Our office pod isn’t ashamed to say that we are connoisseurs of the cheesy reality-dating show genre and we have ridden the highs and lows of MAFs on more than one occasion.          With the Honey Badger on board in ‘The Bachelor, our office will be on this like ‘seagulls at the tip.’ We think Nick is a top bloke who could add his own flair to the rose ceremonies each night.

We’ve put together some of the Honey Badger’s best moments to get you ready for what’s to come.

As soon as the field is confirmed we’ll have markets available.

Tradie Underwear 

We may be seeing a lot more of the Honey Badger if he gets the gig on The Bachelor. Most of us are more use to seeing Cummins strutting his stuff for Tradie Underwear in his own unique way.

The Honey Badger vs Arsenal 

Before their pre-season tour in Australia in 2017, Arsenal’s stars Mesut Ozil, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Olivier Giroud and Danny Welbeck were challenged to see if they could translate the Honey Badger’s unique brand of Aussie slang. It’s safe to say that the Gunners attempts were much like their premiership efforts.

The Adventures of the Honey Badger

Cummins made a name for himself in his post-match interviews for the Western Force and the Wallabies. The Aussie winger built up a cult following on Facebook and Twitter by sharing his adventures with his fans.

The Origin of the Honey Badger Legend.

You may wonder where the origins behind the nickname, the Honey Badger. Cummins’ famous appreciation for the Honey Badger, is best summed up in his 2012 interview with Sky Sports NZ, on his way to his first call-up for the Wallabies against Argentina. “One of the stories that inspires me is that it is a honey badger killed a male lion in a one-on-one, he clawed the canastas off the big fella. That to me is outstanding.”

Honey Badger vs The Scout 

The Badger tests his hand at his survival skills with the help of a young scout who wants to join a rugby team. When it comes to life in the bush the Badger is “about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.”

Official Brisbane Tens Party Planner

The Brisbane Tens called on the rugby expertise of the Honey Badger to ensure that the new tournament was packed with enjoyment. According to the Badger, the formula for a great tournament is simple; a well-timed morale booster leads to an exciting tournament.

The Honey Badger’s 2015 US Tour 

Nick White and the Honey Badger did their part educating the US public about the game they play in heaven in 2015. The duo was put on the spot by a reporter for the Wallabies game against the US at Soldiers Field in 2015. The Badger didn’t blink an eye when the reporter got his name wrong, referring to Cummins as the ‘Honey-Bear.’

For the Man Within

The Honey Badger isn’t shy in front of the camera, with the winger first hitting the screen in the spot for fashion brand Iconic.