Movies To Get You In The Mood… For The Winter Olympics

Australia have sent their largest squad to the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. Fifty-one of Australia’s best and brightest Winter Olympic athletes will be vying for a medal.

While we may not have another moment of Steve Bradbury proportions there are plenty of Aussies who have shown that can compete with the world’s best.

To get you in the mood for the next two weeks of competition, we’ve re-lived some of the best wintery titles below!

Eddie The Eagle

History will judge Eddie for his grace under pressure. Eddie the Eagle turned the 88 Calgary Games on its head with his underdog tale. Aussie Hugh Jackman joins Eddie as his coach as we follow the journey of Britain’s most loved Olympic athletes.

I Tonya

If we believe the film, then the world of women’s figure skating resembles Goodfellas on ice. Gold Coast girl Margot Robbie portrays women’s figure skater Tonya Harding. Harding’s ill-fated rivalry makes for intriguing drama.

Cool Runnings

Based on the story of Jamaica’s first bobsled team. John Candy puts together a group of failed Jamaican sprinters in a quest for Olympic glory. A story of redemption and clichés, you find a better end to a sports movie since Rocky IV.

The Mighty Ducks Trilogy

Emilio Estevez gives his best performance since Young Guns as he stars a lawyer charged with drunk driving. He is ordered by the judge to coach an inner-city hockey team and an award-winning back to wall trilogy is born. The trilogy’s popularity lead to the formation of the NHL Anaheim Mighty Ducks team.

Mystery, Alaska

Another Aussie effort as Russell Crowe plays a small-town sheriff who is the captain of the local hockey team. Big Russ’s dirty dozen face-off against the New York Rangers in a bid for sporting redemption.

Sudden Death

From the classic cinema of Jean Claude Van Damme comes a tale more focused on action that sporting glory. A group of terrorists take the US Vice President hostage during the final of the Stanley Cup. JCVD takes on the bad guys to save the day.

Men with Brooms

Don’t mistake this for a Werner Herzog documentary on cleaning. This lesser-known effort on the sport of curling follows a group of Canadian oddballs looking to win a title for their late coach.

Blades of Glory

Will Ferrell stars as figure skating champion Chazz Michaels. Michaels teams up with new wunderkind on the block after they are both barred from competition. A loophole allows them to skate as the first all-male pair at the Olympics.

The Cutting Edge

DB Sweeny plays an ice-hockey star who makes the jump into figure skating after a season-ending injury. A classic romance tale of boy meets girl whose romance spawns two forgettable straight to DVD sequels.